Flat Rate Affordable Pricing

At Mitchell Mechanical we believe in treating our customers with respect and integrity.  Part of that is ensuring you know what you will be charged before any work is performed.  We are able to do that with flat rate pricing. 

With flat rate pricing, there is no pressure on our technicians to perform heating and air conditioning repairs at your home in a certain time frame.  Technicians are able to dedicate themselves to the needs of each customer without the clock looming over their head. 

With flat rate pricing, you know what your bill will be up front.  Many contractors like to charge per hour rates to get the most money out of each repair. With per hour pricing, the customer is often the one that suffers.  Having to pay for slow service by inexperienced technicians is not the image we want for our company.  We believe it is our responsibility to provide fast, efficient service to you.  We stock our trucks with most common parts and can perform most repairs at the initial service.  By doing this, we are able to avoid costly labor hours tracking down parts and driving back and forth to your home. 

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